Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

The Landscapists Seminars #38 Ruth Catlow [Furtherfield] and Tim Waterman [UCL]

Thursday 11 June 2020, 09:00 [UK time], online via Zoom 

Ruth Catlow [Furtherfield] and Tim Waterman [UCL]

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The Landscapists_RC_TW


Ruth Catlow co-leads on artistic and curatorial vision for Furtherfield and is the director of DECAL, Furtherfield’s Decentralised Arts Lab. As an artist, curator and researcher Ruth brings 25 years of experience from the intersection of arts and technology to emerging practices in art, decentralised technologies and the blockchain. She develops local, national and international arts, academic and cross-sector partnerships and is an international keynote speaker on art and technology.

Tim Waterman is a landscape architect and theorist whose research explores the interconnections between food, taste, place, and democratic civil society. He is the author of Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture, now in its second edition and, with Ed Wall, Basics Landscape Architecture: Urban Design. He has co-edited two recent volumes from Routledge: Landscape and Agency: Critical Essays, with Ed Wall, and the Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food with Joshua Zeunert. His writing has appeared in a variety of journals including the Journal of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM). His brother is the prominent experimental musician, writer, and producer Alex Waterman.


The Landscapists Seminars are weekly online conversations with leading designers and researchers working with landscape. Hosted by Ed Wall, they provide insights into unique project approaches, techniques and methods from around the world.

For future seminars, see here. We don’t record them so listen carefully, make notes, and come back each week!

The seminars are generously supported by Wiley and School of Design, University of Greenwich, London.


The Landscapists: The title and theme of the seminars have been developed from The Landscapists: Redefining Landscape Relations, an issue of Architectural Design (AD) edited by Ed Wall and published by Wiley in early 2020.




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