MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism

MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism (1 year full-time / 2 year part-time)

The MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism encourages students to develop inventive and speculative approaches to the design of cities, landscape and territories. It promotes distinct design and research methods and the integration of new and innovative technologies to explore the complexity of contemporary cities, including issues of urban growth, climate change, globalisation and social inequality. The programme is designed for students of architecture, landscape architecture, design and related disciplines, who wish to enhance their academic, intellectual and professional skills.


The programme interrogates the growing influence of landscape processes on the design of future cities and environments. It provides a platform from which to rethink approaches to contemporary urban design, to consider extreme environmental events, shifting economic agendas, new forms of public space and the transformations to urban infrastructures. The MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism focuses on design studio projects informed by classes in landscape and urbanism theory, design ecologies, future representation and design research methodologies.

Graduates from the MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism join or establish leading design practice or continue their design and research ambitions through PhD studies.

To Apply

All students are required to submit a digital design portfolio and supporting statement outlining qualifications, experience and ambitions.


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