The Landscape Architecture and Urbanism programmes (BA, MA, MLA, MSc and PhD) at the University of Greenwich are focused on the speculative design of future landscapes and cities informed by site-focused research.

The programmes encourages design invention and experimentation from within one of the oldest schools of landscape in the UK, with notable lecturers such Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe and renowned graduates such as Marti Franch Matllori. The school is the only institution in London offering Landscape Institute [LI] accredited education from BA to Masters.


[1] Outstanding design teaching in small class sizes – with lecturers from leading design practices such as Resolve, Arup and FFLO – contributing to strong graduate employment (Unistats).

[2] High international profile, from published research and award-winning student projects in Landscape Institute Awards, International Biennial of Landscape Architecture for over 50-years. Landscape at Greenwich was founded in 1965.

[3] Unique scholarships and bursaries to support UK, European and International students, including high-achievement scholarships.

[4] Close relationship with industry, employers and extensive alumni network, creating exclusive work experience opportunities for students with The Royal Parks, and strong graduate employment with renowned practices such as Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Martha Schwartz Partners and Gross.Max.

[5] Award-winning facilities in London, with fourteen landscape roofs, digital workshops and inter-disciplinary studios – all located within Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site – and regular study visits outside of London to places such as Rotterdam, Paris and New York City.

[6] Technical expertise in sustainability, plant technology, green roofs, living walls, public space, urban infrastructures and urbanism taught by ecologists, architects and engineers from professional consultancies across London.

[7] Landscape Institute accredited programmes and hosts of European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS), International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), Landscape Institute (LI) and Landscape Research Group (LRG) conferences in 2017/18.

To understand more about the focus that we give on innovation in design teaching, see The Handbook of Teaching Landscape (Routledge) and Representing Landscapes: Analogue (Routledge). There is also an article written by Ed Wall, head of landscape architecture and urbanism, in The Landscapists: Redefining Landscape Relations (AD/Wiley). Get in touch if you would like us to email you a PDF of the article. 

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