BA Hons Landscape Architecture

BA Hons Landscape Architecture (Landscape Institute / 3 years full-time)

The BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture programme is the first step in a professional career in Landscape Architecture. Students explore a diverse range of approaches to the design of landscapes, such as green roofs, living walls, courtyards, public spaces, parks, squares, waterfronts, urban masterplans and regional strategies. The programme centres on the design studio where students are introduced to leading approaches in Landscape Architecture and encouraged to experiment and develop design speculations for future landscapes and cities.

Kit_Bullas Bullas_Pioneering the Heygate

The design studio focuses on a series of projects which creatively explore landscape cultures, places, processes and typologies. Visits to art galleries, museums and important landscapes in London and the UK as well as lectures by leading international designers and artists are essential to the programme. Students attend field-study courses abroad which contextualize and inform their design projects.

New Building - Greenwich Uni Oct14-109

The design studio is supported by studies in the history and theory of landscape, ecology, conservation, horticulture, construction, visual representation, drawing skills and digital communication. As part of their studies students work on the 14 green roofs on the new Stockwell Street building as well as engage with horticulture teaching in the Royal Park in Greenwich. All students have access to the new workshops, digital studios, film and photography and facilities at Stockwell Street.

To Apply

On receipt of an application prospective students are requested to email a portfolio of work and/or invited for an interview. A candidate’s performance at the interview is given a high priority in assessing suitability for the Programme, a minimum of 320 UCAS points is normally expected.

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