Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London


BBC News: ‘RIBA Stirling Prize 2015: University of Greenwich, Stockwell Street Building’

The Independent:The University of Greenwich is practising what it preaches, moving into a state of the art building on the Greenwich World Heritage Site which will have 14 roof gardens for research and education with fruit and vegetables, bees, a greenhouse and an aquaponics unit.’

The GuardianBut the feature of which the university is most proud is tucked away on the roof… a series of terraced roof gardens. Designed as a live laboratory for the landscape students, these 14 terraces are planted with peaches and pears, vines of cabernet and sauvignon, greenhouses for aquaponics and a mysterious trellis of pipes containing bubbling green fluid’

Time Out London: ‘It’s not the centre of London, but it’s kinda the centre of the world

Landscape: The Journal of the Landscape Institute: ‘With its variety of roof gardens and its splendid urban position, the new building for Greenwich University is not only a superb piece of design but also a valuable learning resource for landscape students.’


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