Student opinions

The experiences and ambitions of the students are at the centre of our teaching. Here are some comments from recent graduates:

Clare, BA Hons Landscape Architecture graduate from 2018:

  • “Tutors get the right balance between passing on their extensive knowledge and helping you work it out for yourself”.
  • “The mix of international students helped us develop designs that championed a wide range of cultural backgrounds and experiences.”
  • “Landscape Architecture at Greenwich is a uniquely challenging course. Assignments allow you to experiment with a range of technical programmes that help you explore the best way to communicate your ideas.”


[Photo: Phil Bailey, BA H Landscape Architecture 2018]

Cesare, MA and BA Hons Landscape Architecture

  • “Having studied both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Landscape Architecture course at University of Greenwich, I have thoroughly enjoyed the few years of academic studies. Tutors have overall been inspiring and fair, always trying to push the boundaries for us students to see past the horizon.”
  • “Challenged by the workload, the undergraduate course prepared me for the practical work career, while during the masters degree I was stressed of the importance of graphics and representation skills to convey strong design statements in the most exploratory way, without forgetting to use clarity and simplicity.”
  • “The experience at UoG has given me a more solid understanding of Landscape Architecture and the fields directly related to it, stretching from planting design to social and political globes. I have grown both personally and academically.”
  • “While I have left and successfully found opportunities for my career, I have loved to be a student and would definitely like to one day come back, either as a tutor or to undertake a PhD.”