Landscape Citizenships event

Join Tim Waterman (UCL), Jane Wolff (University of Toronto) and Ed Wall (University of Greenwich) on 30 November 2021, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm (UK time), for a discussion their latest book, Landscape Citizenships. Register here. The book Landscape Citizenships, edited by Tim Waterman, Jane Wolff, and Ed Wall, challenges assumptions that landscape and citizenship belong in different intellectual arenas. Its fourteen essays question and counter narrowly defined relationships among people, places, … Continue reading Landscape Citizenships event

The Landscapists Seminars #38 Ruth Catlow [Furtherfield] and Tim Waterman [UCL]

Thursday 11 June 2020, 09:00 [UK time], online via Zoom  Ruth Catlow [Furtherfield] and Tim Waterman [UCL] >>> Register here +++ Ruth Catlow co-leads on artistic and curatorial vision for Furtherfield and is the director of DECAL, Furtherfield’s Decentralised Arts Lab. As an artist, curator and researcher Ruth brings 25 years of experience from the intersection of arts and technology to emerging practices in art, … Continue reading The Landscapists Seminars #38 Ruth Catlow [Furtherfield] and Tim Waterman [UCL]