Launch of Testing-Ground 03

TESTING-GROUND, Issue 03 Youthhood, will be launched on Thursday 20 January [from 5:00pm] in London’s Stephen Lawrence Gallery. Join the contributors to discuss the articles that examine worlds through youthful eyes, make evident young ambitions, and aim to empower young people to design their cities and landscapes. Youthhood includes contributions by Ed Wall, Carmel Keren, Claire Edwards, Reza Nik, Dan Cui, Averill Dimabuyu, Kazeem Kuteyi, Emmanuel Adarkwah, Kristofer Cullum-Fernandez, Simeon Shtebunaev, Rebecca McDonald-Balfour, Jude Daniel Smith, Fida Sassi, Daze Aghaji, and Sarri Elfaitouri. The work of the contributors amplifies youth voices within and beyond the design disciplines that form our landscapes, cities, and territories.

The launch of Issue 03 is generously supported by Advanced Urban, the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, and University of Greenwich.

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Landscape Citizenships event

Join Tim Waterman (UCL), Jane Wolff (University of Toronto) and Ed Wall (University of Greenwich) on 30 November 2021, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm (UK time), for a discussion their latest book, Landscape Citizenships. Register here. The book Landscape Citizenships, edited by Tim Waterman, Jane Wolff, and Ed Wall, challenges assumptions that landscape and citizenship belong in different intellectual arenas. Its fourteen essays question and counter narrowly defined relationships among people, places, … Continue reading Landscape Citizenships event

Belle . . . Designing the virtual world of U . . . Eric Wong

Thursday 30th September 2021, 6:30pm Tessa Blackstone Lecture Theatre [0003], 10-11 Stockwell Street, University of Greenwich ‘Belle: Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime’ (Belle: The Dragon and Freckled Princess) is the new film by the Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda, who founded Tokyo-based Studio Chizu, and was Oscar-nominated for his animated film Mirai. His new film is an animated science-fiction fantasy about a teenage girl in a … Continue reading Belle . . . Designing the virtual world of U . . . Eric Wong

Anushka Athique joins Greenwich as Landscape Architecture lecturer

Anushka Athique (MALA, PgCert, MA, BA Hons) is a designer, lecturer and researcher working in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism. She approaches the discipline from an experiential perspective; finding the moments when the human body meets the temporal qualities of landscape and seeing how these liminal actions and processes can create functional spaces. Anushka has taught across Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Greenwich. … Continue reading Anushka Athique joins Greenwich as Landscape Architecture lecturer

The Landscapists Exhibition

Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 10 Stockwell Street, London SE10 9BD Opening: 18 May – 18 June, 2021 Online launch: 20 May 2021 [17:00 – 18:00 UK time] The Landscapists exhibition includes inventive landscape works by leading artists, designers, and researchers, including: Harry Bix; Luis Callejas and Charlotte Hansson; Emma Colthurst; James Corner; Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman; Drawing Architecture Studio; Larissa Fassler; Alexis Liu; Tiago Torres‐Campos; SCAPE; and Ed Wall. Who designs … Continue reading The Landscapists Exhibition

Greenwich seeks Lecturer in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Deadline on Friday. See more details here. Landscape Architecture and Urbanism (BA, MA, MLA, MSc and PhD) at the University of Greenwich is focused on the speculative design of future landscapes and cities informed by site-focused research. The programmes encourage design invention and experimentation from within one of the oldest centres of landscape teaching in the UK, with notable lecturers such Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe and renowned graduates such as Marti … Continue reading Greenwich seeks Lecturer in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Emerging Spatial Exchanges PhD Symposium

Emerging Spatial Exchanges PhD Symposium 2021 Date: Monday 17 May 2021 Time: 9:30 -17:45 (BST) Location: Online via Zoom Register here The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences (FLAS) PhD Symposium 2021, hosted by University of Greenwich with support of the Advanced Urban (AU) research group, seeks to explore conceptions of spatial exchange, as interrelated and shaped by digital, ecological, material and social practices. By … Continue reading Emerging Spatial Exchanges PhD Symposium

Gardening injustice /// roundtable discussion /// Thursday 25 March

March 25 (5-7pm) /// GARDENING INJUSTICE is a roundtable exploring the role of landscape in the uneven distribution, ownership, and access to land – and the potential of other practices. Speakers include: Ross Exo-Adams / Martí Franch Batllori / Anushka Athique / Gemma Hoult / Rebecca McDonald-Balfour. Register here. COLLECTIVE LANDSCAPE FUTURES is a series of roundtable conversations – with students, graduates, tutors, and guests – … Continue reading Gardening injustice /// roundtable discussion /// Thursday 25 March