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Designing for direct action is the focus this year for Landscape Architecture and Urbanism students. The brief – Disruptive Ecologies: Designing for direct action to confront environmental crises and urban inequity – is focused on design projects that facilitate direct action. Projects reimagine objects, spaces and infrastructures that augment the capacity of direct action to make change, highlighting the political role of design and the agency of designers to address environmental crises and urban inequities. Students from the first year of the BA to the final year of the Masters are researching, engaging and creating projects:

  • For individual and collective actions
  • From small scale interventions to regional infrastructures
  • From immediate to long-term presence
  • Designed for specific sites, acting on larger contexts
  • Impacting change at strategic scales
  • Exposing the issues being confronted
  • Intertwining strategies, projects and actions

Follow us on Instagram (@landscape_greenwich) and check out the different studios: Master (@glaze_unit_fire_squad_magic, @unita_greenwich, @alt.worlds.gre.landscape), 1st year (@dialectical_landscape_studio), 2nd year (@bala2_studio), 3rd year (@common_ground_studio, @gini_studio).

Design tutors include: Harry, James, Roo, Bob, Honore, Emma, Meaghan, Clay, Helena, Kaliopi, Somaiyeh, and Alexis.


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