Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Greenwich landscape students medals at 2014 Chelsea

Tom Turners review of the garden designs at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014 includes comments on Greenwich students’ best-ever year for Chelsea medals
Cloudy Bay Sensory Garden designed by Gavin McWilliam & Andrew Wilson (not a Greenwich student but formerly a member of staff)
The Mind’s Eye Garden designed by LDC – the concept was by Tom Prince (a MA Landscape Architecture student in 2014) and the design was done with two former students from c1980) who started the firm Tom works for: Ric Rowbotham and Tom Prince
The Telegraph Garden designed by Tommaso del Buono (with his partner, Paul Gazerwitz – not a Greenwich student.
See also:

Other gardens by Greenwich students (not included on the video) are the Gucci Garden by Sarah Eberle

And Simon Richards was the team leader for the Marks and Spencer

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