Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Reviewing Living Walls

Shelley Mosco and the University of Greenwich recently put on a Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day that was open to all industry representatives, students and faculty alike. A day full of lectures from individuals that work on living walls from designers to manufacturers, this seminar could likely have been a first of its kind in London. Bringing together the big players of the UK living wall industry all for the sake of offering and sharing their knowledge probably does more for the advancement of living walls than any major research breakthrough could do itself. Not only did the day bring us up to date on the latest projects and construction methods currently being used in the country, it allowed like-minded people to celebrate a passion for something that has the potential to change cities and impact the globe as a whole. The main point highlighted by everyone that lectured was that despite there already being several advantageous qualities of living walls, the research being done to make them more sustainable tools to reduce energy costs of buildings could make them invaluable to our future development of cities. Additionally, the psychological power of living walls was mentioned, citing that offices with indoor living walls have less turn-over in employment and greater productivity from their employees.  On the whole, the event was inspiring and exciting to attend as a student looking forward to a career that itself could be a part of such an exciting industry with the hope of using living walls to impact others.


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