Department of Public Space: A collective manifesto for public space

A new manifesto for public space was started this week at the University of Greenwich. Students and tutors from the MA Landscape Architecture and MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism programmes began writing a public space code for London. The public space code, inspired by Michael Sorkin’s Local Code (1993), is being collectively written in 140-character Tweets. The aim is to establish a Department of Public Space for London which brings people together to define … Continue reading Department of Public Space: A collective manifesto for public space

AJ Reviews Greenwich 2015 Student Show

‘the engagement with landscape appears to have successfully infiltrated all studios this year, embedding the agendas of landscape and urbanism strongly within the school’s culture’ Dan Hills for Architect’s Journal The Architect’s Journal’s annual review of end-of-year student show highlights the presence of landscape across the school at Greenwich. While the AJ is well versed in reviewing the work of architecture students, the recent article by Dan Hills compliments the work … Continue reading AJ Reviews Greenwich 2015 Student Show

Student Competition – A Folly For London

Students wanted for free-to-enter competition for satirical architecture as protest to the proposed Garden Bridge As public engagement & political protest against the proposed private river crossing I would greatly appreciate it if you could inform any of your students or colleagues who may be interested in A Folly For London. Entries are sought from all for architecture of the absurd to highlight the true folly of the Garden Bridge, … Continue reading Student Competition – A Folly For London

Stockwell Street selected in RIBA best buildings of 2015

The Stockwell Street building at the University of Greenwich has been selected by the RIBA as one of the best buildings of 2015. Described as a ‘delightful building’ by the Daily Telegraph the building hosts the the Department of Architecture and Landscape alongside the main university library, exhibition spaces, workshops and fourteen experimental green roofs. Continue reading Stockwell Street selected in RIBA best buildings of 2015

Teaching at Greenwich

Peter Wilder, a guest lecturer and former student at the University of Greenwich, offers his first impressions of the new building at Stockwell Street. I recently had the pleasure of teaching at the new University of Greenwich campus in Stockwell Street. Having been a student and lecturer at the Dartford and Avery Hill Campus, it was great to see the School of Architecture and landscape … Continue reading Teaching at Greenwich

Peter Zumthor – Atmospheres

Peter Zumthor is one of my favourite architects and when I saw his book ‘Atmospheres’ in the library I couldn’t resist. It’s basically a printed version of a lecture that he delivered back in 2003 with editing kept to a minimal.  It was an easy and fun read with great illustrations. It gave an interesting insight into the mind of the architect, and the way … Continue reading Peter Zumthor – Atmospheres

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album

“I wanted to document something. I wanted to leave something that I thought would be a record of it, whether it was Martin Luther King, the hippies, or whether it was the artist.” (Dennis Hopper) The best photography exhibition in London currently is the Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album  collection being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts. The actor and director most famous for Easy … Continue reading Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album

Perception, Form & Landscape

In the context of postmodern ideology, urban landscape understood as a spatial form or as a system or a structure of spatial forms, which perceived by the senses and the explanatory ability of man. Representative examples of this theory are the equally famous works of Kevin Lynch “The Image of the City” (1960) 1 and Gordon Cullen, “The Concise Townscape” 2, which, although in the … Continue reading Perception, Form & Landscape