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Student Competition: History of the Future

IFLA (the International Federation of Landscape Architects) has launched a student competition in advance of its world congress in Russia in June.

The competition will share the topic of the congress, which will be ‘History of the Future’. The organisers say, ‘The aim of the competition is to promote reflections on challenges and opportunities of the past, the present and the future for the landscape architecture profession. In our global society, landscape architecture presents the opportunity to foster collaborative learning, integration of knowledge, and innovative solutions. We also call for exploration of good examples which reinforce local identity and contextual values.

‘Students are invited to present their interpretations of historic and modern landscapes, and to consider the role of landscapes for shaping past and future human settlements. They are also invited to present their ideas for the application of innovative sustainable solutions in contemporary landscape issues.

‘The competition encourages students to explore urban and rural green-blue infrastructure and suggest scenarios for the sustainable development of human habitats.’

There will be three prizes, of which the largest will be for $3,500.

See more details about the competition here.

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