Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Leading lecturers and alumni featured in Kerb 21

University of Greenwich alumni Martí Franch and lecturer Elizabeth Anne Williams write for the latest issue of Kerb. Practitioners of landscape architecture tread the line between creator and curator. Kerb 21 explores how the global condition is influencing practitioners, their methods and the dynamic that exists in the discipline between the established and multidisciplinary practices. This issue of Kerb aims to initiate a diverse discourse on how different modes of practice are shifting the discipline. What are these modes of practice, and what are they responding to? Alternate modes of practice give us the tools to respond to the issues unfolding around us and to synthesise design thinking into other domains.

Kerb originated as an RMIT University pamphlet in 1989 for the purpose of critiquing and discussing the discourse of landscape architecture. Published annually, the journal now boasts a diverse selection of both international and local contributors, focusing on contemporary landscape architecture themes.

Edited by: Dion Gery, William Kennedy, Harriet Robertson & Bella Leber Smeaton.

Contributors include: These are THE PROJECTS we do together, Christophe Girot, Adam E. Anderson, Futurefarmers, Lucy McRae, Daniel Bushaway, 306090, Log, Scapegoat, Terragrams, The Charnel-House, Topos, Vasiliki-Maria Plavou, Erica Nathan, Philip Belesky, Lateral Office, Takuma Ono, Alan Lau, ReD Associates, Kirsten Haydon, Ann Reynolds, Matthew Kneale, Marina Abramovic, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Architecture + Adaptation, SOFTlab, Estudi Martí Franch, Elizabeth Anne Williams.


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