Launch of Testing Ground 02: Other Sides

The second issue of TESTING-GROUND journal will be launched on Thursday 27 June at the University of Greenwich as part of the London Festival of Architecture. TESTING-GROUND is a design research journal focused on research, experimentation and design of landscapes, cities and territories. The second issue is titled ‘Other Sides’ and features contributions by Eyal Weizman, Léopold Lambert, Jens Haendeler, Alex Ioannou, Anushka Athique, Iulia Fratila, James M. … Continue reading Launch of Testing Ground 02: Other Sides

TESTING-GROUND: Call for Contributions

TESTING-GROUND: journal of landscapes, cities and territories, published at the University of Greenwich, is open for contributions for its second issue, Other Sides. What resides on the other side can cause fear, concern, intrigue, delight and fascination. Neighbouring and distant lands are destinations to visit, invade, occupy and separate ourselves from. Many territorial borders are marked with walls and fences or have settled along rivers and … Continue reading TESTING-GROUND: Call for Contributions

Leading lecturers and alumni featured in Kerb 21

University of Greenwich alumni Martí Franch and lecturer Elizabeth Anne Williams write for the latest issue of Kerb. Practitioners of landscape architecture tread the line between creator and curator. Kerb 21 explores how the global condition is influencing practitioners, their methods and the dynamic that exists in the discipline between the established and multidisciplinary practices. This issue of Kerb aims to initiate a diverse discourse on how … Continue reading Leading lecturers and alumni featured in Kerb 21