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Mastering The Art of a MA Exhibition


Kit Bullas, an MA Landscape Architecture student, takes a view on a curatorial event in London.

On Thursday evening night I attended the lecture, Through the Curator’s Lens ‘Twenties London, A City in the Jazz Age’. My rationale, where better to take an exhibition master class, than the very location I am organising MA Landscape Architecture show 2014. The lecture by Cathy Ross, discussed the Museum of London’s 2003 exhibition she curated. It was the penultimate of the twentieth Century Society’s lecture series, which is taking a look at how twentieth century architecture and design has been interpreted through exhibitions.

The lecture of nearly an hour was for the most part engaging. Ross’ passion for the 1920’s shone through. It is clear that her infatuation for the decade has not waned through the years of creating the show, quite the contrary. The program perhaps focused too much on the design aspect on the era and not enough on the Architecture. Ross not an expert in this area was maybe wise not to delve into the topic, for, any mistake she did make, when touching on the subject, was pointed out and corrected at post haste. To me, a non-member of the society, this appeared rude, however this might be the norm for a group who’s mother tongue seems to be knowledge. Regardless, Ross’ advice was sound and will be shared with the team arranging the June 2nd show. Her point about ‘analyzing the worth of every item’; will definitely be applied to when the group selects the works to cover the walls.  Moreover her recommendation to embrace technology (projection, film, sound) in order to create movement and engage the visitor, will be utilised.

Generally,the lecture proved to be a nice way to spend a weeknight evening. It was great to see how the gallery space operated. If the stuffy nature of the twentieth Century Society’s lecture series does not appeal, the space has events on throughout the week ( so there is bound to be something of interest for you. For University of Greenwich students exhibiting, there is the bonus of familiarising yourself with the space.

The 2014 MA Landscape Architecture Show is to be held, June 2nd at Alan Baxter’s Gallery, 75 Cowcross St, Farringdon, EC1M 6EL.


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