Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Landscape dressed as architecture

The Guardian newspaper has given landscape issues significant coverage over recent days. Look past the headlines and see some great Landscape Architects and other disciplines at work across London.

1. Exterior Architecture progress their proposals for London’s Skyride by including Normal Foster in their team. Although many questions remain, check out these links to how London may accommodate bicycling in the future:

2. Public space is being privatized? Welcome to Kings Cross, More London, Paddington Basin and most other parts of developing London. But what are landscape architects, who design these spaces, doing about this?

3. In the same article, Green Roofs, James Corners’ High Line and Garden Cities get some profile (in the same article):

4. The Olympic Park by LDA, Hargreaves and many others opens up:

5. Painting the town red:


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