Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

“99% of urbanists don’t see it” :: Edward W. Soja

Last night Edward W. Soja gave a lecture at the University of Greenwich on The End of the Metropolis Era. Speaking to over a hundred students, staff, guests, friends and alumni from Greenwich, Soja set out an argument for new forms of regional urbanism. In the two hour lecture Soja discussed the “urbanization of suburbia” and claimed that we should recognise that we are already going through a process of regional urbanization – as he describes, “99% of urbanists don’t see it.” The lecture was followed by questions from the landscape architects and architects in the audience who were challenged to “not allow the powerful agencies  [of society] to define all of the spaces that we inhabit.”

Thank you to all of those who joined us – and to Edward W. Soja for providing a fascinating evening.

For further reading see:

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