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  • Double Awards for Greenwich Landscape Graduate

    Double Awards for Greenwich Landscape Graduate

    Greenwich graduate Bethany Gale has been recognised in two prestigious awards this year. In November Bethany was highly commended in the 2013 Landscape Institute Awards for her outstanding design portfolio, while earlier in the year her project, Reclaiming the Canalside, was shortlisted for the RIBA Forgotten Spaces 2013 Competition. Bethany Gale graduated from the MA Landscape […]

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  • Wider than Metropolis – new city form

    Wider than Metropolis – new city form

    Last week new winds has shaken urbanism theory. Widely known urban geographer Edward W. Soja presented ‘The End of the Metropolis Era‘. Following Ed Wall’s overview I give more personal reflections on the lecture. Firstly, we should understand processes shaping the city. City is an agglomeration of people, who shear expenses, and being in close […]

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  • Bespoke :: Richard Wilson lecture :: Tonight

    Bespoke :: Richard Wilson lecture :: Tonight

    Tonight Richard Wilson will talk about his architectural works from the past 20 years. Richard Wilson is one of UK’s most renowned sculptors. He is celebrated for his interventions in architectural space, which draw heavily for their inspiration from the worlds of engineering and construction.

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  • “99% of urbanists don’t see it” :: Edward W. Soja

    “99% of urbanists don’t see it” :: Edward W. Soja

    Last night Edward W. Soja gave a lecture at the University of Greenwich on The End of the Metropolis Era. Speaking to over a hundred students, staff, guests, friends and alumni from Greenwich, Soja set out an argument for new forms of regional urbanism. In the two hour lecture Soja discussed the “urbanization of suburbia” and claimed that we should recognise that we […]

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