Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

A shifting landscape of the billions

Some thoughts by Daphne Kao

In a country like China with a population of 1.351 billion, it’s inhabitants become the most prominent but also the most invisible part of the landscape. Only when there is a purposely-made long holidays like October National Day or Chinese New Year, do you see this moving landscape of people at the airport, train station, bus terminals and popular scenic areas. At these times this mass of migrating people, and their luggage of varying in size, shape and color, form shifting landscape compositions: a picturesque and mobile urban scene.

by Daphne Kao
by Daphne Kao
by Daphne Kao
by Daphne Kao

Daphne Kao is a guest contributor to The Landscape. She is a landscape architect and designer based in Shanghai, China. 


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