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  • L.S. Lowry – the contemporary crowd

    L.S. Lowry – the contemporary crowd

    Upon visiting the L.S. Lowry exhibition at Tate Britain in London in October 2013, my notion of a city was developed as I added a critical view towards the concept of a crowd. By observing that the urban landscape went through a metamorphosis process, I was able to relate its historical legacy with the present […]

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  • A shifting landscape of the billions

    Some thoughts by Daphne Kao In a country like China with a population of 1.351 billion, it’s inhabitants become the most prominent but also the most invisible part of the landscape. Only when there is a purposely-made long holidays like October National Day or Chinese New Year, do you see this moving landscape of people at the airport, […]

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  • Building the urban forest

    Building the urban forest

    Scenario Journal welcomes the submission of critical essays, provocations, and design projects that explore the topic of building the urban forest. The forest carries deep cultural significance. Within the urban landscape, this ecologically complex, spatially layered, dynamic system is also understood to perform a wide range of essential ecosystem services, from increasing property values to […]

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