Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London


Dates: February – April 2022

Location: Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, SE10 9BD

COLLECTIVE LANDSCAPE FUTURES is a series of roundtable discussions with students, graduates, tutors and guests from Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Greenwich. This semester guests include: Iman Datoo, Sui Searle, Christina Geros, Larry Botchway, Indy Johar, Johanna Gibbons, Malaika Cunningham, Sowmya Parthasarathy, Paul McGann, and Torange Khonsari. 

The five roundtable discussions in 2022 are focused on the future of designing landscapes and cities, exploring the role of landscape and urban practitioners to collectively build fairer worlds. 

Native Species: 23 February 2022 (6-8PM) 

The histories of plants in our public spaces can perpetuate narratives of injustice, but can they also offer opportunities to reframe these perspectives?Speakers include Dilip Lakhani, Giacomo Guzzon, Iman Datoo, Sui Searle  

Intersectional Landscapes: 9 March 2022 (6-8PM)            

How can design practices challenge established power structures and create landscapes that foster empowerment, inclusion and solidarity? Speakers include Amund Hugin, Christina Geros, Ed Wall, Larry Botchway, Wattan Jawareesh 

Oikos=Eco=Our Home: 9 March 2022 (6-8PM)               

A roundtable discussion examining the relationship between ecology and economy and ways of making and living in the world. Speakers include Alan Gillingwater, Henry Wilson, Indy Johar, Johanna Gibbons, Simon Goldsmith 

Consumption leads to Extraction: 30 March 2022 (6-8PM)              

How can we use design to value materials and in turn value our environments? Speakers include Emma Colthurst, Malaika Cunningham, Oscar Berkeley, River Wittke, Sowmya Parthasarathy 

Citizenships: 27 April 2022 (6-8PM) 

A roundtable discussion exploring practices and policies that can empower more diverse citizenships. Speakers include Kris Cullum-Fernandez, Meaghan Kombol, Paul McGann, Torange Khonsari 

The roundtables will be in front of a small audience, in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery with the opportunity for a larger discussion at the end. 

Collective Landscape Futures began in 2021 with guests including Julia Watson (author of Lo—TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism), Ben Campkin (Co-Director of the Urban Laboratory, UCL), Ross Exo-Adams (Co-director of Bard Architecture), and Martí Franch Batllori (EMF).

The 2022 roundtables are organised and chaired by Anushka Athique and Roo Angell, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Greenwich.

To join us visit 


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