Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Cities, Cinematics, and Technologies: funded interdisciplinary PhD

Apply for a PhD scholarship in Cities, Cinematics, and Technologies, in the University of Greenwich School of Design.

This scholarship provides an opportunity for an interdisciplinary research project exploring the interplay between urban space, visual media and digital technologies.

The research project will review mechanisms by which new technologies can change our understanding and experience of cities, as well as the ways in which processes of urbanisation shape increasing use of digital screens, based on the idea of touch, haptic and interactions. The PhD will explore the use of screen media as a methodology to construct narratives in and about the cities, as well as tracing the emergence of such narratives from the earlier technologies in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The PhD project will be open to a range of disciplines, across art, architecture, design and social sciences, as well as to wide geographical contexts. The project may be pursued through either research or practice-based investigations.

Questions/Areas that can be explored within this project include, but are not limited to:

  • Cities, screens and non-spaces
  • Digital utopias
  • Creative practice and the city
  • Urban walking on/off/with screen
  • Data, AI, automation and cities

The supervisory team includes Prof Steve Kennedy (Head of School of Design), Dr Maria Korolkova (Academic Portfolio Lead Media), and Dr Ed Wall (Academic Portfolio Lead Landscape and Urbanism).

Apply here.

For further information please contact the supervisors: Dr Maria Korolkova, or Dr Ed Wall


Applications are also open for the PhD Architecture and Landscape programme at the University of Greenwich.

We are seeking applications from students who may be interested in developing research projects focused on:

  • cities, public spaces and urban equity
  • urban infrastructures, agricultures and environmental processes
  • tree and planting technologies
  • landscape agency, citizenship and justice
  • urban and landscape pedagogy

During the PhD Architecture and Landscape programme students undertake a substantial research project which makes an original contribution to architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism.

Students on the PhD Architecture and Landscape programme come from a range of backgrounds across professional and academic fields, and share ambitions to develop original research projects. Working closely with their supervisors, the students develop a focused research project and also undertake a range of courses within the university that support their research. The School of Design is located in the award-winning Stockwell Street building, within the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site.

To apply students should first get in touch with Academic Portfolio Lead Dr Ed Wall [] with a focused summary of your research proposal.



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