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Book a table at the Erith Lighthouse


Erith Lighthouse: A pavilion conceived by DK-CM and The Decorators will host a summer of events on Erith riverfront

This summer Erith riverfront will host London’s second lighthouse: an extraordinary Thames-side structure which will give stunning views of the River Thames and create a new dining and community experience in South-East London, conceived by DK-CM and The Decorators.

‘Erith Lighthouse’ is a temporary structure designed to contain a series of events across Summer. With a structure made of theatrical rigging clad in coloured polycarbonate, the building will be a distinctive and colourful presence on the riverfront. In its siting, form and function, the building evokes the fragile structures that once lined the Thames in Erith whilst also borrowing languages from Erith’s industrial present and recent history. It celebrates Erith’s connection to the river in the context of significant growth in the local area.

Designed by DK-CM and curated by The Decorators, Erith Lighthouse is commissioned by the London Borough of Bexley and funded by the Mayor’s London Regeneration Fund as part of Bexley’s Greater Erith Programme that is aimed at reactivating the town centre and making the most of Erith’s unique setting by the River Thames. The project builds on an earlier ‘Meanwhile Use’ strategy developed by DK-CM and The Decorators for the London Borough of Bexley in 2016.

The first event will take place on 10 August.

The Lighthouse will be an extraordinary destination for the community that will bring the town back to the Thames and give space to season of food, exploration and play.

Across August and September 17 chefs will host 17 dinners at Erith Lighthouse, creating distinct menus inspired by Erith’s unique riverside location on the border of London and Kent. Each dinner will be a celebration and fusion of London’s exciting food culture and this area’s agricultural heritage. Guest chefs will be connected to local growers and producers to devise menus that tell a story of the area.

See link here to book dinners and events.

The Erith Lighthouse

Join us for a unique dining experience in London’s second lighthouse on The Thames.  Bringing Erith back to the river and giving space to a summer of food and community by Erith’s waterside.

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Take a day trip to London’s second lighthouse.

1 train – 38 minutes.

Follow the Thames from central London to Erith’s riverside to join us at The Erith Lighthouse for dinner and events.



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