Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

New design and research journal published at University of Greenwich


A new design and research journal has been launched at the University of Greenwich.

TESTING-GROUND, focuses on research, experimentation and design of landscapes, cities and territories. It provides a platform to critique established urban theories and a place to investigate emerging architectural, political and ecological concepts. The journal will feature completed projects, speculative ideas and unfinished works which contribute to discourses around landscape.

This first issue, TRAJECTORIES, began with a workshop exploring issues around urban development in Deptford, London and brought together a group of artists, landscape architects, designers, sociologists and ecologists. The project has been supported by individuals and organisations, such as Finn Williams (Common Office), Clare Page and Harry Richardson (Committee) and Austin Brown (Arup). Articles consider the trajectories of sites through time, investigate patterns of change and explore how these configurations could be redirected in the future. Contributors to the first issue include: Dominique Cheng, Bob Bagley and Roo Angell, Matthew Skjonsberg, Aditya Barve, Sue Ball & Suzanne O’Connell, Thomas Mical, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Tim Waterman, John-Joseph Watters and Ed Wall.

The journal is available at bookshops in London and online.


TESTING-GROUND is published by the Advanced Landscape and Urbanism research group in the Department of Architecture and Landscape at the University of Greenwich, London. The Advanced Landscape and Urbanism research group is a platform for design and research of cities and landscape. The group encourages new approaches to research and design experimentation, which investigate the everyday and the extraordinary spaces, environments and lives of our cities.


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