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£5000 scholarships for high-achieving graduates

The University of Greenwich’s Fast Forward Master’s Scholarships are designed to help high performing University of Greenwich final year undergraduates progress to master’s level studies starting in September 2016. The scholarships are open to graduates from the BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture programme who wish to undertake the Landscape Institute accredited MA Landscape Architecture.

In addition to the Fast Forward Master’s Scholarship, you may be able to apply for the UK Government’s postgraduate loan scheme (if you are assessed as a home or EU Student that meets certain criteria). Find out more about this postgraduate loan scheme where you may be eligible to receive up to £10,000 towards the costs of your programme of study, certain eligibility criteria apply.

The Fast Forward Master’s Scholarship will provide £5000 support which can be taken either as a discount from the normal fee or a cash bursary.

Up to 80 scholarships will be available across the university.

Criteria and who can apply?

  • Final year University of Greenwich home undergraduates (subject to a simple financial means threshold details below) who are predicted to achieve a First or Upper Second class degree. Offers for the Scholarship scheme will be made conditional upon achievement of that degree outcome.
  • Available for part time programmes. Part time fees will be split across the first two years of study.
  • Students will need to have a declared household income of £40,000 or less, and will be asked to demonstrate this by providing certain information as requested by the university.
  • Students funded by Student Finance England (SFE) will need to ensure that SFE have “consent to share” their household income assessment with the university.
  • Students who receive funding from Student Finance Services European Team, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland will be asked to by the University to provide documents from their funding provider to verify their household income.
  • Fees will be subject to a 5% prompt payment discount if paid in full by the end of September 2016. Other fee waivers (for example the Alumni and First Class Honours waivers) will not be payable in addition to Fast Forward Master’s Scholarships.

How can you apply?

Before applying for this scheme you must first make an application for an eligible University of Greenwich Master’s programme.

Applications for Fast Forward Master’s Scholarships will be addressed to check whether:

  • They meet the eligibility tests as summarised above and as set out more fully in the self-check eligibility test (see below)
  • They are predicted to achieve a First or Upper Second class degree.

Those applications which pass this assessment will result in scholarship offers, on a first come/ first serve basis.  These offers will be conditional on the achievement of a first or upper second class degree.

Please send any questions about the Fast Forward Master’s Scholarship to


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