Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Tim Waterman to join University of Greenwich


We are delighted to announce that Tim Waterman has joined the University of Greenwich as coordinator of landscape theory. Tim will join a team of over 20 lecturers, tutors and professionals who teach the landscape architecture programmes at Greenwich.

Tim is Chair of the Young Professionals’ Advocacy Working Group, Professional Practice and Policy Committee of the International Federation of Landscape Architects and the honorary editor of Landscape: The Journal of the Landscape Institute, for which he write’s the regular column ‘A Word …’.  Tim is also Research Associate for Landscape and Commons at the arts organisation Furtherfield. He may be found, from time to time, in the pages of Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) and The Architects’ Journal.

Tim is the author of Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture, which is now in its second edition from Bloomsbury and, with Ed Wall, Basics Landscape Architecture: Urban Design. These have been translated into seven languages.

Tim’s research interests are wide-ranging. He is interested in how people form imaginative understandings of urban cultural landscapes in everyday life. This forms the basis for other explorations of power and democracy and their shaping of public space and public life; taste, etiquette, belief and ritual; and foodways in community and civic life and landscape.

You can read more about Tim’s research, writing and practice on:


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