Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Natura Militaris: Advanced Landscape and Urbanism Portfolio

Natura Militaris 

Following the Greater London Authority’s All London Green Grid framework, Natura Militaris proposes additional green infrastructure combining both wildlife and new public programs in the Royal Artillery’s historic home of Woolwich. Echoing military training areas on the Salisbury Plain, Dartmoor, and Castle Martin – where endangered animal species have unexpectedly found an ideal habitat – Natura Militaris (militarized nature) designs a symbiosis between boot camps (paintball, military fitness and outdoor sport activities) and enhanced wildlife zones.

The project utilises GIS data to analyse existing ecological flows and Rhino modelling to re-imagine future hybrid forms.

To see more of Jonathan Bertolo’s work, and that of students on the MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism at the University of Greenwich, visit the end of year exhibition at Stockwell Street or purchase the East of Eden book published in July 2015.


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