Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

landscape portfolio 2014/02

Heygate Estate Pioneered

Kit’s project is based at the vacant Heygate Estate, Walworth, South London. Initially he questioned whether the borough of Southwark’s, objective of redevelopment, could be arrived at without complete demolition of the 40 year old estate. Fascinated by the pioneer plants, which colonise previously disrupted ecosystems to begin a chain of ecological succession, Kit plots the initial stage of a scheme which would see the  reoccupation of the entire estate.

Presented as a guide, this atypical process, uses temporary landscape installations as a device. Proposing the creation of 77 art studios created from former garages on site, the redevelopment is then, catalysed by the creation of an art market. The project combines Kit’s love of improving the urban environment, with design that is sensitive to sustainability issues.



Kit Bullas received his BSc in Real Estate (2:1) at Oxford Brookes University in 2011. Kit became interested in the improvement of the public realm, during the ‘city planning’ components of his undergraduate course. Subsequent work experience with Portsmouth City Council urged him, to seek out a profession where change could be implemented on a more intimate scale, to take effect more immediately.

Before joining the Postgraduate Certificate Landscape Design at the University of Greenwich in September 2012, Kit was employed by Highcliffe Castle, Dorset. Here he gained valuable practical knowledge assisting the head landscape designer, and his primary job role in Historic Garden Restoration, involved working closely with English Heritage.

Whilst studying a Masters in Landscape Architecture at University of Greenwich (due to be complete Sept 2014), Kit has helped to shape and better the MA LA programme though his role as course representative. His interests have particularly focused on the improvement of open space in urban areas. Beyond the course, he aspires to impact the lives of urban dwellers for the better.



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