Floating gardens for Hortillonnages Amiens


Landscape installation ‘Symbios-living together’ was built this week by Giedre Paliukaityte and Joana Quintas. Being a part of ‘Art, Villes & Paysage | Art, Cities & Landscape’ project it offers an opportunity to find new relations between natural and man-made environments and have a closer experience of sensitive surroundings. Located on water a network of 24 hexagonal modules supports native aquatic planting. Recycled bottles and cork provide buoyancy for timber structure holding the soil.
Project initiator Maison de la Culture d’Amiens aims to encourage cultural activity at historical site known as Hortillonnages and this year supports 14 landscape architecture and artistic projects. Installations are open for the public from 16 June with official opening festival on 28-29 June. For more information about the festival and full program of events visit http://www.maisondelaculture-amiens.com/www/avp/2014

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