Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

‘University of Greenwich is practising what it preaches’ – The Independent

This week, the Landscape programmes at the University of Greenwich were praised by the i-Independent in an article discussing Landscape Architecture. The city’s unsung heroes; Widget Finn flies the flag for landscape architects was published in the i-Independent and described the work being done at Greenwich by the staff and students. The article discussed the importance of the programmes that is offered at the university and the investment that is being made:

‘A Bachelors’ degree is not enough, argues Dr Benz Kotzen, postgraduate landscape co-ordinator at the University of Greenwich. “It’s a stepping stone to a career in landscape architecture, but the MA is the turbo-boost to a successful career which gives you the time and space to develop the necessary skills.”

Each Masters has a slightly different focus. Some are science-based while others are centred on design, but ecology and sustainability are recurring themes. “Every aspect of what we teach has some sustainability or environmental component,” says Kotzen. “We believe that the green cities agenda is important.”

The University of Greenwich is practising what it preaches, moving into a state of the art building on the Greenwich World Heritage Site which will have 14 roof gardens for research and education with fruit and vegetables, bees, a greenhouse and an aquaponics unit.’

For the full article see the i-Independent.



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