Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

New green roofs and studio spaces

Check out the video featuring the new roof gardens and studio spaces that are currently under production. The University of Greenwich is leading the global discourse on green roofs in their new Stockwell Street building that will be home to the Landscape Architecture and Urbanism programmes from September. The green roofs are one of the most comprehensive multi-functional green roofs in the world, with 14 distinct spaces dedicated to growing, teaching, energy and food production, environmental improvements, water management – and of course, teaching and research.


2 responses to “New green roofs and studio spaces”

  1. Ed, Unsurprisingly the video makes no mention of the landscape architect and the roof level views show very bland and greenwashed green roofs. I doesn’t look any more developed than when I was interviewed for the job of designing the roof gardens. Surely by now we should be seeing some exciting food production, biodiversity planting, habitat typologies and rainwater harvesting systems combined with research plots, hydroponics, algae tube systems and various green roof typologies ranging from extensive through to intensive. Or did that bit get value engineered out?

    • Hi Peter, You are absolutely right. The video shows the roofs at the planning stage. They are currently working up some key images that show what it is expected to be like, with the energy production, food production, fruit trees, bee hives and many more… Ed

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