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Landscapes from the Darenth Valley

Landscapes from the Darenth Valley

Cristiana Angelini’s exhibition at Blackheath Halls

9885 L06

This small exhibition in the café of the Blackheath halls was quite surprising.

Cristiana’s paintings have an original point of view about the landscape. As we usually see pictures or paintings of beautiful and wide-open landscapes Cristiana has another perception of the landscape. The foreground is usually empty in order to show and extensive background. But in Cristiana Angelini’s paintings the foreground also deals with the landscape which is around. A dead broken tree, a bird or a small stem are as well components of the landscape.


For example, in this painting we can see how the stem on the foreground as the same importance, the same height as the trees in the background. I think this painting resume well how Cristiana Angelini want us to look at the landscape she painted. How scales don’t matter, how the smallest details we can forget are as well part of the same landscape. And I think this point of view on the landscape is really important for landscape architects who have to think of a project from the global scale to the smallest detail.

L15 L07

The painter Cristiana Angelini comes Italy. She studied the fine art and the art of history in a diploma in the italian cities of Carrara and Florence. She now lives in London where she continues to produce oil paintings and pastels for buyers and galleries (Royal Academy, Whitechapel Gallery and the Twentieth Centure Art Fair). She also works as a Visiting lecturer at the Adult Education College for Bexley. Her work has been awarded twice in 1990 and 1995 for the Laing Collection Exhition for London and the South East.

Cristiana Angelini’s website :

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