Advanced Landscape and Urbanism Research

Advanced Landscape and Urbanism Research is focused on the design and research of landscapes, cities and territories. The group was founded in 2015 and it encourages new approaches to research and design experimentation that investigate the everyday and the extraordinary spaces, environments and lives of our cities. Advanced Landscape and Urbanism Research has a strong team of academics and students with a reputation for successfully funded research projects, publications and international collaborations, including: Dr Ed Wall, Dr Benz Kotzen, Duncan Goodwin, Harry Bix, Dr Helena Rivera and Honore Van Rijswijk.

Research areas include:

  • cities, territories and public spaces
  • urban infrastructure, agriculture and environmental processes
  • tree, planting and landscape technologies
  • landscape agency, citizenship and justice
  • urban and landscape pedagogy

Recent collaborations and events include:

  • Architecture Association and University of Westminster (Design Agency in Earth Systems Symposium) [2018]
  • UCL Bartlett and University of Toronto (Landscape Citizenships Symposium) [2018]
  • Royal Parks [2018 – ongoing]
  • Sayes Court [2015 – ongoing]
  • Hadlow College [2015 – ongoing]
  • Landscape Institute [Annual Conference, 2018]
  • IFLA Europe (International Federation of Landscape Architects) [Annual forum, 2018]
  • European Council of Landscape Architects (ECLAS) [Annual Conference, 2017]
  • Politecnico di Milano [Downstream Postgraduate workshop, 2014]

Recent publications include:

  • Wall, E. 2019. What… is landscape? In: Jorgenson, K. et al. 2018.Teaching Landscape. Routledge
  • Wall, E. 2019. Cartographies of Complexity. In: Amaroso, N. 2018. Representing Landscapes: Analogue. Routledge
  • Wall, E and Malaescu, A. 2019. (ed.) Testing-ground. Journal of Landscapes, Cities and Territories. Issue 2: Other Sides. London: ALU
  • Goodwin, D. 2017. The Urban Tree. Routledge
  • Wall, E. and Waterman, T. 2017. (eds.) Landscape and Agency. Routledge
  • Wall, E. 2016. (ed.) Testing-ground. Journal of Landscapes, Cities and Territories. Issue 1: Trajectories. London: ALU 


[Image: TESTING GROUND: Journal of Landscapes, Cities and Territories]