A Poem with a difference

In life, there’s always something, may it be a song, a poem, an object, etc. whatever it maybe, that will make you look at life in a slightly different angle. What was the “thing” that made the change for you? For me, it was a poem called ‘Leisure’ by William Henry Davies. You see, I’ve always enjoyed the outdoor spaces; I love the pretty things as well as the … Continue reading A Poem with a difference


I was thinking the other day how boring some parks are. Mostly in estates, you’ll find that you get a “square or rectangular” shaped green space and that’s it. And most of them are underused. I honestly don’t have anything against green squares but I do have an issue with those that are just there like a shop mannequin. You can look, admire but don’t … Continue reading ADD SUDS INTO BORING GREEN SPACES