Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London


Croydon is one of those areas where I find it really difficult to navigate. It’s a big town with a population of 52,00+ and It’s my local borough (though I wouldn’t like to admit it) In the two years that I’ve been living here, I have yet to fall in love with it. And since moving here, I have been trying to look for a way out…. So what’s keeping me? Well, my road is nice and leafy, close to all amenities and good transportation. I know my neighbours and they know me. They even send me Christmas cards and always, always remember my son’s birthday…they’re definitely a keeper! But what actually pulled me here was the fact that I could get more for my money in property than anywhere else in London. So here i am beginning to like my neighbourhood then I found out that some developer has applied for planning permission to build a block of flats in my backyard….WHAT??? I’m just glad the council saw sense and rejected the plans… PHEWW!… for now as its subject to appeal.

Another thing, this year Croydon has been voted as; The worse place to live, The unhappiest place to live and the place with the HIGHEST divorce rate in London – Goodness me, talk about reading a book by its cover. Seriously media, leave us alone!

Beside the issues from the media, Croydon is actually an up and coming area. We have plenty of green spaces. We’re close to other known trendy places such as Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Forest Hill, and Beckenham. And public transport to central London is amazing, literally within minutes; you’ll find yourself either at Victoria or London Bridge. Work wise, this is excellent because it may mean that I can afford to work overtime without thinking twice about getting home late. And on top of all this, Croydon is getting a “facelift”. Lots of developments going on at the moment with current urban upgrade taking shape nicely and I am really hoping that this will help shake off all those bad impressions. GLA, Croydon Council and developers have all thrown money in this town, including a £50m programme of public realm, new Westfield shopping centre and landscape projects–and will soon beginning to see the results.

In 2013, Croydon Council produced a report called Connected Croydon – click link to see for yourself connected croydon programme – a programmed of coordinated public realm and landscape projects. programme, which identified .



So, this is my review of Croydon, as an insider. Its not bad after all!


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