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Design invention. Urban equity. Climate justice. Land rights.

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  • Contesting Public Spaces published

    Contesting Public Spaces published

    Contesting Public Spaces, a new book by Ed Wall, has been published. The book explores concerns for spatial justice as streets, squares, and neighbourhoods are continuously made and remade through planning processes, political ambitions and everyday activities. It exposes conflicts between planning offices and private developers who direct large urban change and community groups, market […]


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  • Invitation to the Greenwich Landscape and Urbanism Summer Exhibition

    Invitation to the Greenwich Landscape and Urbanism Summer Exhibition

    Join us on the evening of Thursday 16 June (18:00 – 21:00) for the opening of the University of Greenwich School of Design Summer Exhibition (10-11 Stockwell Street, London SE10 9BD). Landscape Architecture and Urbanism students from across the school (from Year 1 to Masters) will be exhibiting their work.

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  • Shaping public knowledge: urban, cultural, and research practices

    Shaping public knowledge: urban, cultural, and research practices

    This seminar series aims to map the public nature of urban, cultural, and research practices that are articulated through critical discourses of emerging centres of knowledge, such as research labs, centres of pedagogy, independent and HE based academic entities. Through dialogue and shared practice, seminars seek to establish and describe structures and networks of pedagogy […]

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Learn to DESIGN landscapes

The Landscape Architecture and Urbanism programmes (BA, MA, MLA, MSc and PhD) at the University of Greenwich, London, are focused on the speculative design of future landscapes and cities informed by site-focused research and live projects.

History of innovation

Programmes encourage design invention and experimentation from within one of the oldest schools of landscape in the UK, with notable lecturers such Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe and renowned graduates such as Marti Franch Matllori.

Programmes are based in the award-winning Stockwell Street building within the Maritime Greenwich UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students have gone on to lead design and planning studios such as Gustafson Porter + Bowman and delivering projects like the London Olympic Park.

recent guest lectures

Aniket Bhagwat. Chris Reed. Christina Geros. Iman Datoo. Indy Johar. Johanna Gibbons. Larry Botchway. Luis Callejas. Martí Franch Batllori. Martin Rein-Cano. Sui Searle. Sara Zewde. Suzanne O’Connell.