Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

100 Chairs – Open Call

Open call for landscape architects & students

100 Chairs is an Open Call for a multidisciplinary design workshop focused on the activation of the open space around Oxo Tower Courtyard. 

The 3 day workshop will focus on activating the space between Oxo and the Bargehouse, at the South Bank of Thames. The aim of this intense design exercise will be to re-energize the courtyard, which in comparison to the lively riverfront, is less exciting and utilized. 

100 Chairs are initiating a unique approach towards revitalizing public space, by bringing together artists from 4 different disciplines (illustration, photography, craft and jewellery) and placing them alongside architects, urbanists, designers and landscape architects. The structure of this approach itself will be in the from of a 3-day workshop, 8 hours a day, taking place in a ground-floor studio at Oxo Tower. 

The workshop is organised by “100 Chairs” in partnership with “Cluster London” and “Coin Street”. 

Link for registration:


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