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Student exhibition at arts festival

Students on the Certificate in Landscape Design programme have exhibited their work to local residents, as part of the Thamesmead Arts Festival.

Thamesmead Arts Festival landscape design student exhibition
Thamesmead Arts Festival landscape design student exhibition

Throughout the year, students have been exploring the history and changing dynamics of Thamesmead, a town built in the 1970s in east London. Student projects have included reintegrating gypsy’s horses back into the landscape, developing a natural play strategy for children, and remediating the land using bioaccumulating plants.

The exhibition was held in The Link, a lively community centre in South Thamesmead. Curated by student volunteers, the exhibition presented some of their key design proposals, alongside a collection of photos, sketches, and maps, intended to give an insight into the design process.

The festival was launched by Peabody, who are leading the large-scale regeneration of Thamesmead. The festival forms part of a wider arts and outreach programme, aimed to engage local residents in the development process. The student exhibition helped spark some of these initial conversations with the local community, as well as presenting fresh perspectives and ideas to Peabody.

The exhibition was also a unique opportunity for the students to show their work outside the confines of the university, and give them an insight into community consultation and professional collaboration – both important features of a comprehensive landscape architecture education.


Daisy Haywood is a Certificate in Landscape Design student at the University of Greenwich, and writes her own blog at 


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