Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

The Potters Field Park, London

Potter Field Park is a redesigned park as a part of 100 public spaces programme.
It is located near the Greater London Authority building, on the south bank of the River Thames, designed by Foster and his partners.

Exterior CGI of View C at One Tower Bridge Development(This picture is taken from internet.


The park is facing the River Thames, which has a excellent advantage of view. and its unique riverfront location to the most iconic historic monuments–Tower Bridge gives the park an great attractive point to visitors.


The park itself is neatly designed. It connects the neighbourhood park which is designed in a very busy way. As the  photos showing below, the neighbourhood park has used variety of herbaceous plants and grasses.

DSC02123 DSC01384

But the Potters Field Park only used several geometric lines, which is quite simple but clean. it links the park from busy designed area to relaxed and casual area.


The stepped terraces not simply showing the relaxation, it also raises the flat land and make the site layered.

The large area of lawn let people feel tranquil and offering visitors a resting place. In addition, it forms a contrast to the largely paved neighbouring landscape.


This is plan of the neighbouring square, which is designed for blind people.




The square has used water (fountain, water channel etc.) to connect different parts, which allow people access the water have fun and interact with the water. 



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