Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Chelsea Bridge Wharf

Chelsea Bridge Wharf is a riverside development located at the opposite of Battersea Park. Sitting alongside the bank of the river Thames.

The Chelsea Bridge Wharf site has varied history, first of all is about the Chelsea Bridge itself

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The bridge was opened by Queen Victoria in 1858, reconstructed in 1934 and completed in 1937. The bridge itself is not splendid according to its out-look, but it has a great view when standing or walking along the Thames.

The wharf was once largely dormant and used as a complex for vehicle storage, however, now it has been developed into a residence.



As can be seen above, the whole residence is risen up from the ground level, which is not only changing the topography of the land, the dimension of views from residents also has been increased. Plantings along the staircase are all pruned into a regular shape which is very neat, visually.

Climb over the staircase, there is a very long and narrow fountain.


The strip fountain has been designed in the central area of the site, which split this area into two parts. The fountain is not only for dividing it also brings the vivid sense to the land. meanwhile, the natural water sound can cover some noise from the roads surrounding.

The landscape design around housing is a little bit Japanese style.


Plants are all trimmed into a certain shape and looks very clean.

The interesting part of the design is about the water.


Base on the picture above, the water has been introduced into each house. The ground level houses will have water or pond surrounding their balcony, which allows people access the water and the water will cool down the temperature during the summer time. Furthermore, the movement of water can relieve the hard sense of concrete housing.





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