Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Arne Quinze — Flame

The World Expo Jing‘an International Sculpture Exhibition opened in 1th September, 2010 in shanghai. One of the most attractive work is “Flame” from a Belgain artist, Arne Quinze.

The works of Arne Quinze like the game of children named ‘stick’. He used the wood and made them in a thaumaturgic shape, and called it ”Flame”. The reason is that he said his work likes the lighthouse in the night, which can show a safe way and guide people meet there. Every piece of wood likes a person, and the ‘flame’ means that all people are together. In the modern world, people communicate with each other by using the Internet. But his work gives a chance that people can talk to each other.无标题 copy 无标题


The “flame” represents the characteristics of China in many aspects. It means unite and cohesion. As a natural element, the wood means people. And the color represents the concept of family, which has the feeling of home, it brings a sense of security.




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