Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Lion Grove Garden— A classic garden in China


Lion Grove Garden is one of the most famous gardens in Suzhou. It has a history of 672 years.


The rockery in the garden is the most important characteristic. They are in different shapes and go p and down. There are 9 paths and 21 entrances cross the rockeries. The visitors can shuttle between them. The rockery winding around in the park, it makes people feel like they just stand on the mountain.

There are three types of buildings: temple, house and garden. The buildings in Lion Grove Garden are very magnificent, and the display indoor is very gorgeous. From the windows we can see one of the features: all the windows are in different shapes. When you look out from the inside to the outside cross the window, it makes the space more far-reaching. Both inside and outside space are separated but also connected with each other, so that makes hem penetrative. Also when you look out from the window, it makes you feel like a landscape painting with a frame.

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Another key element in classical Chinese gardens is water. The use of water in the garden is very peculiar, you can see the different types of water in this little garden: lake, waterfalls and streams.

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