Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Jonah – Factory Fifteen

Jonah is a short film made by factory 15, a UK based film and animation studio led by directors Jonathan Gale, Paul Nicholls, and Kibwe Tavares. The three of them come from a mixed background of architecture, 3-D visualisation, engineering, and photography.

The film is centred around two young men who live in a sleepy fishing town and yearn for riches and excitement. They stumble across something that will bring them all of this and more.

Visually stunning, with moments of humour and warmth, there are several more serious undertones to this film. Greed, pride, and envy are what really drive this story forward. There are also more modern-day themes: the destruction of nature and habitats, and third world countries being ruined and corrupted by western cultures. The transformation of a green underwater paradise to a sub-aquatic landfill is brilliantly illustrated. The same can be said of the fish itself – fresh and colourful to start but dirty and debris laden by the end.

Themes such as these I believe have such strong connections to landscape they should not be ignored. Sometimes the most beautiful and interesting events and processes are happening all around us, but we are either too lazy, spoilt, or ignorant to really appreciate them. Man is so set on comparing itself to one another that it does not appreciate what is here now. As landscape architects I believe we have the capacity to not only protect these events, but to reveal them as well.


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