Photographic dreams

Review of William Eggleston´s work. Particularly the book: William Eggleston’s Guide. Second edition 2002 The Museum of Modern Art, New York by John Szarkowski and William Eggleston. William Eggleston is considered a pioneer in modern colour art photography. His work is an important document about Landscape architecture in U.S.A. It not only reveals how people used to live in U.S. but is also about the “American … Continue reading Photographic dreams

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013 Exhibition

MLA student, Ellen Orchard, reviews the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Theatre. Viewing landscape through the lens of a camera is an unique skill that does not need to rely on how expensive your equipment is, but your compositional eye more importantly. Of course, having the latest versions of technology help capture just the right moment, but it takes true talent … Continue reading Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013 Exhibition