Theatre as citizenship practice: Me? I Just put British!

Me? I Just put British!   Performance Project’s Background: This performance project is inspired by a two-year collaborative research with artists, social scientists and human rights organisations working with migrant families on the question of ‘Theatre as citizenship practice’  A Forum Theatre short play was created by the migrant families involved in the project which was then toured to different organisations, academic conferences, community … Continue reading Theatre as citizenship practice: Me? I Just put British!

Landscape Citizenships: A Symposium

The Landscape Citizenships symposium seeks to examine landscape citizenships through the lens of landscape justice and landscape democracy, bringing together international speakers in the diverse fields of politics, anthropology, sociology, geography and design among others. The symposium is being organized by Tim Waterman, Ed Wall and Jane Wolff. It is supported by the University of Greenwich, University of Toronto, Centre for Landscape Democracy (NMBU) and … Continue reading Landscape Citizenships: A Symposium