New Now Next series opens with Kate Orff

New Now Next: Kate Orff 27.05.21 [18:00 – 19:30] Online talk, moderated by Ed Wall REGISTER New Now Next, organised by the Irish Architecture Association, will take place online and virtually for the second time, enabling a wider domestic and international audience to connect with the events.  The series will begin on Thursday 27 May at 6pm with a talk by Kate Orff, the US-based landscape … Continue reading New Now Next series opens with Kate Orff

The Landscapists Exhibition

Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 10 Stockwell Street, London SE10 9BD Opening: 18 May – 18 June, 2021 Online launch: 20 May 2021 [17:00 – 18:00 UK time] The Landscapists exhibition includes inventive landscape works by leading artists, designers, and researchers, including: Harry Bix; Luis Callejas and Charlotte Hansson; Emma Colthurst; James Corner; Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman; Drawing Architecture Studio; Larissa Fassler; Alexis Liu; Tiago Torres‐Campos; SCAPE; and Ed Wall. Who designs … Continue reading The Landscapists Exhibition

The Landscapists: AD Launch: Tate Modern Terrace Bar

Join us for the launch of The Landscapists: Redefining Landscape Relations – the latest issue of Architectural Design (AD) – guest-edited by Ed Wall. Date: 18 March, 6:30pm – 10:30pm Organised by: Ed Wall Venue: Tate Modern Terrace Bar, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG Register: +++ The Landscapists critically investigates landscapes made and remade through interrelations between people and the worlds around them – from … Continue reading The Landscapists: AD Launch: Tate Modern Terrace Bar