Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Author: Hannah Oakden

  • Tree Pit Trials – Urban Trees

    This summer I was invited to observe and assist in an urban tree pit comparative study at Hadlow College at the University of Greenwich. The project is led by Duncan Goodwin, a landscape architect and senior lecturer at the University and Alex Rennie, head gardener at Hadlow. The study consists of twelve tree pits measuring […]

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  • New Road, Brighton – A Shared Space

    New Road, Brighton is a street I remember from my childhood. Back then and until 2007 it was one of the main streets navigating the influx of traffic in a one way system through the city centre. Theatres and bars were thriving on one side and the Pavilion Gardens to the other. The road was […]

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  • Charles Jencks – The Cells of Life

    On a recent visit to Edinburgh I took a short bus ride to the outskirts of the city to discover Jupiter Artland. It was here that I was to experience Cells of Life, a landform completed in 2010 by Charles Jencks, the American architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer. You enter the artwork on a […]

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