Tree Pit Trials – Urban Trees

This summer I was invited to observe and assist in an urban tree pit comparative study at Hadlow College at the University of Greenwich. The project is led by Duncan Goodwin, a landscape architect and senior lecturer at the University and Alex Rennie, head gardener at Hadlow. The study consists of twelve tree pits measuring 4 x 4 metres by approximately 1.2 metres deep, lined … Continue reading Tree Pit Trials – Urban Trees

New Road, Brighton – A Shared Space

New Road, Brighton is a street I remember from my childhood. Back then and until 2007 it was one of the main streets navigating the influx of traffic in a one way system through the city centre. Theatres and bars were thriving on one side and the Pavilion Gardens to the other. The road was of great importance to visitors and Brightonians alike but was … Continue reading New Road, Brighton – A Shared Space

Charles Jencks – The Cells of Life

On a recent visit to Edinburgh I took a short bus ride to the outskirts of the city to discover Jupiter Artland. It was here that I was to experience Cells of Life, a landform completed in 2010 by Charles Jencks, the American architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer. You enter the artwork on a curved road, opening up from the woods directly into the … Continue reading Charles Jencks – The Cells of Life