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Author: annatolfree

  • Integrating Ecology into Urban Spaces

    Integrating Ecology into Urban Spaces

    “Nature is a continuum, with wilderness at one pole and the city at the other.” Ann Whiston Spirn, 1984 The spread of urban areas and developments within the city can have detrimental effects on wildlife. Regeneration in London is threatening populations of birds that use the open space for nesting and foraging. The black redstart […]

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  • The Scale of Living

    The Scale of Living

    The dreams of many people my age, who are creeping into their late 20’s, of buying their own home is as far out of reach as ever. I live in a small village in the South-East of England, where recently one bungalow was knocked down to build 4 new 2-bedroom houses constructed in its place. […]

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  • What is on at Ecobuild in 2014?

    What is on at Ecobuild in 2014?

    From exhibits on the latest sustainable construction products to expert practical advice on how to create a rich biodiverse environment even in the grittiest urban environment, whatever your focus you’re bound to learn something new! Ecobuild, the UK’s largest exhibition of sustainable products, runs from Tuesday 4th until Thursday 6th March at London’s Exel. This article has been […]

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  • Reflections on the Amsterdam Bos

    Reflections on the Amsterdam Bos

    In 1999 Anita Berrizbeita published an essay on the Amsterdam Bos park, ‘The Amsterdam Bos: The Modern Public Park and the Construction of Collective Experience’. Anna, a MA Landscape Architecture student at the University of Greenwich, reflects on the significance of this article today. Being an ecologist by training and new to the world of […]

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