The Potters Field Park, London

Potter Field Park is a redesigned park as a part of 100 public spaces programme. It is located near the Greater London Authority building, on the south bank of the River Thames, designed by Foster and his partners. (This picture is taken from internet.   The park is facing the River Thames, which has a excellent advantage of view. and its unique riverfront location to … Continue reading The Potters Field Park, London

The John Madejski Garden in V&A Museum

The John Madejski Garden opened on 5 July 2005 and is a central part of the V&A’s.  The design of the garden is very simple, only several elements were involved into the design: well-kept lawn (learn how to make the same perfect lawn with Contractor Culture) and fountain, but the design is very consistent with the museum. The colour of the garden is also concise: … Continue reading The John Madejski Garden in V&A Museum

Chelsea Bridge Wharf

Chelsea Bridge Wharf is a riverside development located at the opposite of Battersea Park. Sitting alongside the bank of the river Thames. The Chelsea Bridge Wharf site has varied history, first of all is about the Chelsea Bridge itself          The bridge was opened by Queen Victoria in 1858, reconstructed in 1934 and completed in 1937. The bridge itself is not splendid according … Continue reading Chelsea Bridge Wharf